About EVO

EVO, which full name is Evolution, is a brand new blockchain asset combines blockchain technology with member points. EVO's blockchain points system can form a broad, cross-platform underlying technology support for the points exchange business scenario, providing interface services to the member points application through the blockchain. Its unique on-chain contract and the on-chain points mall make it a core hub for points and physical commerce.

Application Scenario

EVO Coin

The total amount of EVO chains is 200 million constant.

  • The initial 50% (100 million pieces) of EVO is directly generated by the pre-excavation mechanism and is owned by the EVO Foundation for ecological construction.
  • △ 10% for candy rewards.
  • △ 10% for business school rewards.
  • △ 10% for technology developer rewards.
  • △ 10% is used for EVO ecological DAPP application construction.
  • △ 10% is allocated to the EVO committee, and the participants will reward each period with the contribution of the main node to maintain the block stability and ecological development of the application.
  • △ The remaining 50% (100 million pieces) of EVO are all allocated to global contribution contract awards.
  • △ Produced in the form of on-chain contract package, contracted in the first EVO DAPP participating in the BAR chain incubator.
  • △ Every 15 days is a contract period, and each contract period receives 15% EVO reward.
  • △ The reward ratio is automatically calculated according to the contribution weight of the merchant, and the weight value comprehensively considers the number of EVOs and the merchant level of the node.

EVO On-Chain Mall

The EVO on-chain contract complete the construction of the first quarter committee, and the EVO on-chain points mall will be opened within 3 months. The mall supports universal points redemption of merchandise, ticket, and virtual items. At that time, users on the chain can conveniently transfer EVO into the mall for a wide variety of redemption operations.

The landing of this mall will directly promote the ecological development of the EVO chain, make EVO has a core hub for points and physical commerce.

Road Map

Governance architecture

EVO Foundation

The EVO Foundation was officially registered on February 13, 2019, and the Foundation will act as an advocate for the General points Platform project of the EVO blockchain, dedicated to the development and construction of EVO and transparent governance, advocating and advancing work, and promoting its safe and harmonious development.

Functional committees

During the community ecological construction, according to the contribution to EVO, the participants joined the Foundation functional committee to participate in the actual management and decision-making. The Commission is committed to EVO's development and transparency advocacy and promotion efforts to promote the safe and efficient development of open source autonomous ecology.

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